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Why antiparasitics may help eradicate viruses

Those cold, flu & covid germies are hot right now! You’re likely aware that antiparasitics have gotten lots of attention lately for their ability to treat viruses. In case you’re unclear about the parasite/virus connection, here’s the 411.

-Parasites can hoard up to 6 times their body weight in toxins... viruses being one of them. When you kill & eliminate parasites, viruses get eliminated as well. -Parasites also suppress the part of your immune system that deals with the virus. -Parasites encourage viral replication. -Research suggests antiparasitics may also be beneficial against not just the rona other viral infections like the flu, mumps and even HIV.

Our family periodically parasite cleanses to make sure viruses don’t get a stronghold and I always keep antiparasitic protocols on hang should anyone get sick.

Click to learn more about parasite cleansing.


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