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Why we parasite cleanse quarterly

A common question I get is how frequently do I parasite cleanse? My family detoxes quarterly. Here's why:

1. Parasites are linked to virtually every chronic disease so periodic parasite cleansing promotes health & wellness. I think of it as preventative, like brushing or flossing your teeth to avoid cavities.

2. We deworm our pets at least once a year... but not ourselves despite sharing the same living space & habitat. Side note did you know parasites are communicable?!

3. Many other countries throughout the world parasite regularly but Americans think they are "too clean" for parasites... despite the fact that most of our food comes from other countries. It's true... parasites don't know geographical borders are are happy to thrive in Americans as much as they are in 3rd world countries.

4. The pesticides on our food make it toxic... and parasites hoard 6-8 times their body weight in toxins. So the more toxic your food, the higher your toxic burden and more likelihood that you could have a parasitic infection.

5. If your water filter doesn't mention that it specifically filters parasites.... it likely doesn't.

I always recommend you work with a practitioner that can make sure your protocol, dosing & diets are on point. When done right, parasite cleansing can be a huge component of your wellness journey.


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