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Why you need a mushroom supplement

Reppin mushroom vibes on the full moon! You can add another superfood to your smoothie right? Especially with benefits like this...

-Cancer fighting

-Immune boosting

-Brain focus

-Heart health

-Stress management

-Better sleep

-Blood sugar regulation

-More energy


-Repairs damaged nerve cells

-Helps anxiety

Mushroom powder is also great as a coffee replacement or topping on your favorite dish. I'm drinking @liveultimate because they're not just organic but the mushrooms are grown on wood and not oats or rice like most are.

Side note most mushroom supplements are made from mycelium. Mycelium mushroom supplements are usually 1/2 oats/rice and 1/2 mushrooms because of how they're grown so they aren't as nutrient dense + could be more carb heavy than you realize.

Click here if you wanna give it a shot! Enter promo code LU2022 for 25% off.


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