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Your Chronic Condition Could Be From Mold Toxicity

Mold toxicity mimics many other conditions and often gets undiagnosed.

Mold is very common and is found in air, water, damaged buildings and food (mainly nuts, grains, coffee, spices, dairy & bulk foods like cereal).

Mold toxins (mycotoxins) suppress your immune system, slow your thyroid, reduce oxygen and generate endotoxins. Here's a short list of mold toxicity risk factors.

-Ever experienced water damage at home, work, or school? -Plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom leaks or has leaked in the past? -Wet spots anywhere in your home (whether currently or past)? -Car has a mildewy smell? -Often see condensation (fog) on the inside of windows and/or cold surfaces in your home? -One or more family members have chronic sinus infections or irritations? -Wake up during the night with an attack of coughing? -Chest tightness when around animals or a dusty part of the house? -Suffer from anxiety or depression? -Have difficulty sleeping or insomnia? -Body rashes/skin conditions? -Frequent urination, unable to hold bladder? -Headaches/migraines? -Extreme/unusual fatigue? -Symptoms decrease when spending time in a different location for a few days?

If you want my full list of risk factors message me! Thankfully CellCore Biosciences has a Mold Support Kit that focuses on binding & eliminating toxins, increases oxygen & improves thyroid function. If you want a kit I got you!


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