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20% off Everything Now - Nov. 30th!

YEAH BUDDY!!!!! So thankful for my wellness tribe!!!! Do you love a good deal?! If you've been wanting to test your hair , DNA , try parasite cleansing, CBD or stock up on every day vitamins now's the time! Everything is 20% off now - Nov. 30th!

🎉CellCore Biosciences is my fave supplement line of all time. Whether you're trying to detox from certain toxins like parasites, Lyme or mold, reverse disease or need daily maintenance, there is a protocol for you! Visit and register with practitioner code 1WB98bYU. Apply code BFCM20 at checkout for 20% off!

🎉Want a metabolic blueprint of your body? Try my hair tissue mineral analysis from Analytical Research Labs. It measures 21 different minerals and toxic metals to provide a deeper insight into your body’s chemistry than what is obtained from blood tests so we can pinpoint the root cause(s) of your health conditions. Click for 20% off!

🎉Touchstone Essentials is a go-to for top grade CBD, zeolite heavy detox spray, organic sugar-free protein & super greens powder! Click and use code BFCM2021 for 20% off.

🎉Want to decode your genes so you can turn on the good genes & turn off the bad ones? The DNA Company's DNA test spits out a report over 275 pages long to provide insight on mood, behavior, personality, cardiovascular health, hormones, sleep, diet and nutrition. Click to save 20% off your kit today!

🎉If you take daily vitamins or want to start - check out my online dispensary at Fullscript! I've hand picked my fave well-sourced vitamins for you to choose from and curated protocols for medical conditions ranging from IBS to menopause. Once you register I'll apply a 20% off promo to your account!

Give the gift of wellness this holiday season or stock up for yourself! This deal is a great excuse to start your wellness journey NOW instead of the new year.


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