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A downside to taking hormones (HRT, thyroid meds or even melatonin)

The downside to taking hormone medication like hormone replacement therapy (HRT), thyroid medication or even melatonin is that when your body is getting hormones from an external source, it becomes more lazy & makes even less of that hormone... making you even more reliant on the medication.

Think of your hormone-producing glands like a muscle... if you aren't using them, they will atrophy. Ideally you want to heal your body naturally.... so whether the dysfunction is the thyroid, pineal gland, adrenals or any other hormone producing glands/organs (and it's usually a combo of them), there's a reason for the dysfunction and you need to address the root cause. This is done through detoxing toxins and pathogens, making diet and lifestyle changes and supplementation where necessary to shore up nutrition gaps and boost hormone function, so your body can perform optimally on its own. If you're struggling with hormonal imbalances, DM me to see how I can help!


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