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Aluminum Toxicity

One of the most common toxicities I see in hair tissue mineral analysis is aluminum toxicity . This is a problem because accumulation of this neurotoxin hinders so many bodily functions. Here are a few of health conditions linked to aluminum toxicity:

-Increase risk of cardiovascular disease -Kills brain cells -Creates mood disorders (anxiety, irritability, depression) -Decreased intelligence/IQ -Reduces nervous system activity -Memory loss/confusion/dementia -Reduced intestinal activity

What can you do about it?

-Take a heavy metal detox spray like this one -

-Use stainless steel , glass or cast iron cookware free from PFOA, PTFE or other chemicals -Use all-natural deodorant -Buy a professional grade water filter like this one (aluminum is often added to municipal water - a Brita/refrigerator filter only removes about 10% of the water's toxins) - -Minimize your intake of shellfish -Only buy foods & beverages bottled in glass (not cans) -Buy organic cheese - processed cheese has added aluminum for more desired texture/slicing properties -Ditch the antacids and switch to more natural products like digestive enzymes, HCL with pepsin, probiotics & L-glutamine


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