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Are they really worms?!

When it comes to parasites in stool, there can be some controversy. Because a variety of critters can exit along with mucus and mucoid plaque, it can be hard to tell what you're looking at during a parasite cleanse. Parasites also don't typically come out nice and pretty on their own, oftentimes they're tangled up like a ball of yarn.

There are naysayers that claim that what exits isn't actual worms but instead intestinal lining, stool, clumps of bacteria or even the supplements themselves.

I'm a trust but verify kind of person which is why I always dig when I parasite cleanse. And when you are pulling earthworm or tape-like textures that extend a few feet... that screams worms to me! It's not clean and it can be hard to tell what type of worm... but it's clearly not chunks of bacteria or intestines. The protocol I use does pull out mucoid plaque which is hardened dehydrated stool lining your colon, similar to the plaque in your blood vessels.

This is the bottom line... regardless of what it is, there's gunk in our gut that makes us sick or keeps us from our healthiest potential. When we parasite cleanse and remove the gunk, people feel better. The more you detox, the less of this gunk you see and the better you tend to feel.

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