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Benefits of Going Barefoot

Do your kids love to go barefoot like mine? Encourage it... and join them!

Earthing (sometimes called grounding) has awesome benefits: -Reduction in inflammation, pain and stress -Increase in energy -Improvement in immunity and sleep -Anti-aging

This is because the earth is a giant battery and we are electrical beings. When we walk barefoot (sitting & laying count too) on soil, grass or sand our skin acts as a conductor and we are able to receive a "charge" from the earth. Our heart beat, brain and neurotransmitters all rely on electric activity - when our electricity is off, our health is impacted. When we have an adequate supply of electrons, our immune system functions optimally.

I threw my back out last week and relied on earthing and the sauna to help me recover. Ever wonder why the beach is so therapeutic?

Try earthing for 30 minutes a day to realize the benefits. You may be surprised!


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