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Benefits of tongue scraping

Your oral microbiome is a reflection as to what's happening in the rest of your body. And your mouth is the second largest microbial community in your body, after your gut. Your mouth's microbes assist with many processes like digestion, metabolism and blood pressure regulation. We focus a lot on our teeth and gums... but often neglect our TONGUE.

Scraping your tongue daily can be a huge part of maintaining a healthy oral microbiome. If left untreated, the tongue's coating lead to improper eating, poor digestion and cause gastrointestinal imbalances.

Tongue scraping benefits include -Improved taste -Fresher breath -Reduction of harmful bacteria and yeast that cause cavities, gingivitis & mouth ulcers.

If you are a tongue scraper, you know the benefits are legit! Check out what I use. Any other scrapers out there?!


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