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Carcinogens found in high blood pressure, diabetes & heartburn medications

Do you take any of these medications for high blood pressure, diabetes or heartburn? If so, they could be contaminated with the carcinogenic compound NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine).

-Valsartan -Losartan -Irbesartan -Zantac -Axid -Metformin

NDMA is a carcinogen and causes serious liver damage and liver failure. It has historically been used as a poison. Bloomberg reported some contaminated pills contained as much as 17 micrograms of NDMA per pill.

The generic versions of these drugs are primarily produced in China and India. Overseas drug production is loosely regulated and the FDA inspects less than 1% of imported drugs for potency and impurity.

You could switch to name brand drugs in hopes your script meet's FDA guidelines. Or you can make dietary and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of your health issues in hopes of coming off medication all together.

"This devastating and pervasive toxic exposure results largely from people's reliance on using drugs as symptomatic bandages that in no way, shape or form treat the cause of the disease. They trust their physicians to help them but sadly they have been captured by the drug industry and are nearly universally clueless on how to identify and address the underlying cause of most diseases. That is why it is crucial to understand that YOU are responsible for your own health and need to use physicians as your consultants, and not implicitly trust them. If you provide your body with what it needs, it typically tends to self-correct and get better so you can avoid these dangerous medications which, rarely, if ever, resolve the foundational cause." -Dr. Joseph Mercola


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