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CellCore's Comprehensive Protocol helps reverse chronic diseasece

CellCore’s Comprehensive Protocol helps folks reverse chronic disease because it addresses the root cause of symptoms rather than band-aiding them with meds and surgeries.

In order to heal, you’ve got to change the environmental terrain of the body so you’re not as susceptible to infections, overgrowth of bad bacteria, parasites, viruses and toxins which are in large part the root cause of most chronic disease. This is done through detox, diet and lifestyle changes.

The detox protocol is 10+ months so while it may take some time, what happens is healing at the foundational level.

The detox is a 5-phased approach. Phase 1 opens drainage pathways and boosts mitochondrial function (mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells), Phases 2 and 3 detox parasites, Phase 4 cleanses heavy metals and Phase 5 detoxes Lyme, Lyme coinfections and cleanses at the cellular level.

We will always be exposed to toxins. But if you keep your terrain as clean as possible, it’s much harder for chronic disease to manifest.

If this resonates, message me to see how I can help.


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