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Chicken labels & what they ACTUALLY mean

Food labels can be misleading. If you eat chicken - check this out...

❌️Natural is meaningless - all chickens are natural.

❌️Fresh means the poultry was never frozen.

❌️Cage-free is misleading because it only applies to chickens raised for eggs, not meat.

❌️Free-range means the chickens had some time outdoors, but we don't know for how long.

❌️Hormone-free is also meaningless because it's illegal to give hormones to poultry we eat.

❌️Vegetarian may sound healthy but birds aren't supposed to be vegetarian.... they eat worms and other bugs. So this label also gets a strike.

✔️Antibiotic-free is good because ingesting these unnecessarily can cause a host of issues.

✔️Arsenic-free is good because most conventionally raised chickens are given arsenic to fatten them up.

✔️Certified humane means that some type of animal welfare organization deemed the animals living conditions acceptable..

✔️Certified organic is good because it means the poultry is free from pesticides, GMO's, antibiotics, arsenic or grains.

✔️Pastured is the best distinction because it means the birds were free to roam the outdoors whenever they wanted and eat whatever they liked.

The absence of any of this terminology suggests that the chickens were conventionally raised, fed an unnatural diet, likely with antibiotics and arsenic and treated cruelly. This makes the birds more prone to infection, more toxic and less nutrient-dense.

Side note if you're going for an animal-based protein, grass fed red meat is the most nutrient-dense.


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