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Common Lyme disease coinfections

If you're fighting Lyme disease, that may not be the only infection that you're up against. More than half the folks with chronic Lyme disease have at least one Lyme coinfection, and 30% of two.

Common Lyme coinfections include Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Rickettsia (Rocky Mountain spotted fever).

As Lyme and these coinfections weaken your immune system, it becomes much easier for other infections to take root.

Insects that transmit Lyme usually harbor tons of other harmful microbes, which is why they are typically transmitted at the same time. Ticks for instance can spread 200 different types of harmful pathogens, bacteria and parasites in one bite.

It's possible to have a Lyme coinfection without having having Lyme. That's what the protocol you use should address not just Lyme disease, but the coinfections as well.

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