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Common parasite die-off symptoms and how to manage them

The full moon is Monday!!! In case you're new to parasite cleansing... die-off is real. Parasites release heavy metals and other toxins when they die so be prepared in case you experience any of these symptoms...

-Headaches - use frankincense and lavender oil -Fatigue - B vitamins, shoot for 8 hours of sleep & do yoga/stretching -Skin rashes - dry brushing -Sugar cravings - peppermint tea -Stuffy nose - coconut oil pulling -Flu-like symptoms - sauna -Insomnia - castor oil pack followed by an Epsom salt bath before bed -GI Issues - ginger & aloe -Acne - DIY face mask with 1t bentonite clay, 1/4t apple cider vinegar, 1t manuka honey & 2 drops lavender oil

Stay hydrated! Squeeze into your water to stay alkaline. Also avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine & processed food as much as possible. We want to maximize results by STARVING the parasites.

Eat all the veggies!!! Pumpkin seeds are awesome! So is garlic, turmeric, onions and apple cider vinegar.

If you want to cleanse all month long or want to get a kit for next month, click Full Moon Parasite Kit button in Bio link.


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