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Could your thyroid medication be making your condition worse?

Could your thyroid medication be making your thyroid condition worse? Many forms contain gluten. Since thyroid dysfunction and wheat sensitivity tend to go hand-in-hand, eliminating wheat and/or gluten is usually very helpful to help heal the thyroid... which is why it's confusing that gluten is in most forms of both synthetic and natural thyroid medications.

And it's important to note that even if gluten containing grains aren't listed on the ingredients, most thyroid medications will still not guarantee that they are gluten-free. Synthroid, for example, contains confectioners sugar which contains corn starch. Corn can still cause a gluten-sensitivity like response because corn and gluten cross-react.

I'll just continue to pick on Synthroid so you can get an idea of all the different kinds of junk that your meds may contain. It contains too many artificial colors to list... It also contains lactose monohydrate which a crystallized form of milk sugar... so dairy sensitivities beware. Also included is talc which is a toxic carcinogen & magnesium stearate which can be a formaldehyde-causing agent.

Almost all thyroid medication has at least one of these gross binders or fillers so research the ingredients along with how they impact your thyroid. Better yet... learn how to reverse your thyroid condition through diet, supplementation, detox & lifestyle.


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