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Docs find 3" roundworm alive in woman's brain

Docs found a 3" #roundworm alive and wiggling inside the brain of a 64 year old Australian woman. She had 18 months of symptoms that included #abdominalpain, a #drycough, #nightsweats, #forgetfulness, #depression, an abnormally #highwhitebloodcellcount and lesions on on her liver, brain, lungs and spleen but docs did not detect bacterial or #parasiticinfection and were unable to provide a diagnosis. The #brainbiopsy is where the parasitic roundworm was discovered.

Many headlines are stating this is the first time a parasite has been found alive in a human brain, but we know that's not true. Parasites have a laundry list of symptoms and are often misdiagnosed as something else. #Parasitetesting is also highly inaccurate - be sure to check out my vids on all the reasons why.

If you want to learn more about parasite cleansing, click here.


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