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Healing Breast Implant Illness w/ Explant & Detox

Meet Laura, one of my BFF's for over 20 years. Several years ago she started getting DEBILITATING MIGRAINES. Then came the muscle atrophy, joint pain, exhaustion, brain fog, depression, anxiety, FAINTING SPELLS, hair loss, racing heart, numbness in arms, sharp pains in breasts & inflammation.

She saw tons of doctors & specialists, had MRI's, EKG's, ultrasounds and was put on a myriad of medications to ease the symptoms. She still had 0 answers about what was causing her issues and the medications slightly worked but came with their own host of side effects. She tried all the diets and homeopathic remedies I sent her way but nothing did the trick.

Then one day she stumbled on a Facebook group with THOUSANDS of women all discussing BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS. And everything started to make sense.

Breast implants can cause all of Laura's symptoms and so much more!

-Your body can develop a chronic foreign body inflammatory response.

-Implants contain heavy metals, silicone & other chemicals that slowly leak out.

-The implants develop a biofilm that hordes bacteria and mold.

-Saline implants have valves that allow microorganisms to colonize inside the implant & produce toxins.

-The FDA admits breast implants can cause cancer.

Laura removed her implants and her health turned around right away. She did CellCore's drainage & energy protocol to open up her drainage pathways so we could eliminate any looming toxins. Then we did several rounds of parasite cleansing.

This chic is looking great and feeling awesome! Moral of the story... OWN YOUR HEALTH. She saw tons of docs and breast implants were never discussed. Also - implants are TOXIC! If you have them, detox on the reg!!! You don't have to have Laura's symptoms to suffer from toxicity. Lastly - she scored some cute natural breasts with a fat transfer and they LOOK BETTER than before! Major WIN!


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