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If you don't go poo, you will feel like poo!

If you don't go poo, you will feel like poo! But most people who suffer from constipation already know that. Not only does being backed up make you feel bloated and uncomfortable , but it allows for toxins in your waste to get recirculated in your body.

Laxatives leach nutrients from your body and can kill off your good gut bacteria which just perpetuates the problem - they are not a strong long term solution. Eating lots of plants and drinking lots of water is usually enough to get the bowels moving but for those who need extra help - this gut cleanse kit from CellCore Biosciences is fire!

-This kit comes with 4 different products that work synergistically to scrub the GI tract of toxins, pathogens & stagnant waste. -It improves your microbiome and increases your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. -It also kills parasites!

Your gut is a barometer of your immune system. You can't reach optimal health until you move those bowels at least once a day!


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