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Insomnia root causes & solutions

Insomnia is the worst and without good rest our health will struggle. Insomnia can stem from a number of toxins/pathogens like parasitic infection, mold toxicity, mercury toxicity, thyroid dysfunction or even Lyme disease. It's also the side effect of many prescription medications.

You may want to work with a practitioner to see if detoxing pathogens or toxins makes sense, or if there are safer alternatives to your prescription medications.

These are some other things you can do help combat sleep issues:

💤Take supplements like CBD, magnesium glycinate, GABA and ashwagandha - they are very calming and promote good sleep. 💤Take Vitamin D - sleep disorders often tend to coincide with a Vitamin D deficiency. 💤 Physically watch the sunrise/sunset outside - natural sunlight sends signals to the brain to help reset your circadian rhythm. 💤 Avoid screens/blue light an hour before bed. Consider blue light blocking glasses and turn the blue light down on your devices. 💤 Keep electronics away from your bed, including clocks & lamps - their voltage can interfere with your ability to sleep. 💤 Minimize EMF radiation. Turn WIFI off at night and put your phone on airplane mode and keep it 6ft away 💤 Try somatic exercises - they can stimulate the parasympathetic system and the rocking motions can mimic how babies are rocked to sleep. 💤 Prayer/meditation - there are lots of great apps that can offer guided meditations to foster great sleep. 💤 Diffuse essential oils like lavender and chamomile and/or rub them on your temples, wrists & neck. 💤Take Epsom salt baths. 💤 Eat a nutrient dense diet high in plants and low in sugar, seed oils, caffeine and alcohol. 💤Exercise. 💤Try journaling - if you have a racing mind, it's amazing how helpful it can be to unload your thoughts onto paper.


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