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Is your excess fat from a hormone imbalance?

We all know it's virtually impossible to spot reduce fat with diet and exercise.... but what if you could do it based on balancing out hormones? Did you know hormones are responsible for fat deposits in specific parts of the body? Check it out...

Upper arm/lower leg fat (biceps, triceps, calves) - this is caused by a combination of imbalanced sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. This is the most stubborn fat to lose and is usually the last to go during weight loss.

Trunk/Neck fat -this refers to your torso and the back of your neck and comes from adrenal fatigue. This happens when your adrenal glands release an imbalanced amount of cortisol because of their inability to keep up with copious amounts of stress.

Thighs/Booty - this is caused by an increase in estrogen. This is common because of the estrogenic effect from so many foods, medications and chemicals. This can also be a result of too little progesterone.

Belly fat - this is caused by either insulin resistance or cortisol dysfunction. Insulin resistance comes from eating a diet high in sugar and carbs. Cortisol dysfunction is usually caused by minor stress (but not as bad as the stress referenced above that results in adrenal fatigue). This is an easier fat to cure for those willing to move towards a low carb/sugar diet and practice stress management.

Whole body fat - this usually comes from thyroid dysfunction or leptin resistance. An underactive thyroid slows down your metabolism and leptin resistance reduces your body's ability to burn fat.

Inability to build muscle/decreased muscle tone - fat and muscle compete for calories. If you have more fat than muscle, your calories will be burned by fat. Weight training usually helps balance this out. If you are weight training and still struggle to gain muscle, the issue is likely a deficit of testosterone.

The good news is that these hormones can be balanced naturally. If this resonates with you, give me a 🙌.


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