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Lyme or Lupus?

Lyme disease is often referred to as "the Great Imitator" because of its ability to mimic other diseases. Lupus is one of them.

The intracellular form of Lyme bacteria has the ability to penetrate cell walls and go inside. Once the bacteria is inside the cells, the immune system attacks. It doesn't just attack the cells with Lyme bacteria, it mistakenly attacks other types of cells as well and autoimmunity develops.

Both Lyme & Lupus has these similar symptoms making it easy for them to be mistaken for each other:

-Atrioventricular block (disturbances of the heart's electrical system)

-Central nervous system dysfunction



-Joint pain & arthritis


There's also the possibility that both Lyme & Lupus can be present in the body at the same time. If you've been diagnosed with Lupus, finding a detox protocol that can remove Lyme & its coinfections could be the missing link in your wellness strategy.


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