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Mask 411

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Why I can't get behind the mask hype. And why you shouldn't either. Almost half the states no longer mandate masks.... what do they know that the rest of the states do not?

1. Covid's symptoms can be significantly minimized through Vitamins C, D3, Zinc and Quercetin. For those that already struggle with lowered immunity, have comorbidities or are scared you might get your butt kicked by covid, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have proven highly effective if you're lucky enough to have a doc to prescribe it. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD said, "There are two risk factors why people die from Covid. It's the state that you live in and the doctor you choose." Click the map to see how your state fairs. You can preventatively order these drugs to have on hand should you get sick and be unable to obtain them from your doctor or pharmacist (HCQ is over the counter in third world countries).

2. Masks don't actually block viruses. The virus is much smaller than the holes in an N95 mask. The mask was termed N95 because 95% of particulate matter and bacteria could not penetrate the mask. A virus is much smaller than dust and bacteria. The best analogy I've heard is that it's like to trying to keep flies out of your yard with a chain link fence. Imagine how much bigger the holes in surgical and cloth masks are. Exponentially bigger. Side note surgical masks also contain known carcinogens (polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, fluoropolymerization, polymers of polypropylene, polyurethane, polystyrene, polycarbonate and polyethylene) so that should not be the mask of choice for anyone required to mask for long periods of time. Another side note - the back of the box will likely read something like this - "This mask provides relief from typical house dust and is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease."

3. Masks promote hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) & hypercapnia (elevated & unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide). Jim Meehan, M.D. said, “Mask wearers frequently report symptoms of difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, anxiety, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and other subjective symptoms while wearing medical masks. As a surgeon, I have worn masks for prolonged periods of time in thousands of surgeries and can assure you these symptoms do occur when surgical masks are worn for extended periods of time. The longer a surgical mask is worn, the more saturated with moisture it becomes, and the more significantly it inhibits the inflow of oxygen and outflow of carbon dioxide.” Because oxygen levels are lowered below what OSHA considers safe, employers requiring employees to mask are violating OSHA.

5. Too many experts disagree on "the science." The Great Barrington Declaration which was started by some of our countries top epidemiologists has been signed by over 41,000 medical professionals and over 13,000 medical and public health scientists to end lockdowns and masks. To strengthen their argument, a study came out in December showing that states with mask mandates had on average 10 more cases per 100,000 people. A Danish study of over 6000 people also revealed that masking made no difference to the rate of infection.

Need more info? Here are some of my fave mask resources:

Tons of links to studies, including masking of children and direct quotes from WHO and CDC from Just the Inserts.

The latest studies & research from America's Frontline Doctors.

Dr. Jim Meehan, MD has a great compilation of information.

My hero Del Bigtree has a great video compilation on masks - see his demo with the carbon dioxide detector!

Tons of deets from the ladies of Health Freedom Summit, from one-liners to combat the mask police at the grocery store to medical exemption cards.

My thought is... if you feel like the mask provides protection... you do you. But I can promise you.... your ability to combat Covid-19 has nothing to do with me wearing a mask and everything to do with your bill of health. If you want help strengthening your immune system please reach out, I got you!

If you're ready to do a hard pass on the mask mandates, please join me & sign this petition. If you live in Virginia and want to be a part of the medical freedom movement, sign up for the Virginia Freedom Keepers mailing list. #nonewnormal

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