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Microscopic parasite that can infect your eyes

Could you have the microscopic parasite toxoplasma gondii be in your eye? Toxoplasma gondii is known as the "most successful parasite in the world" and is the most common cause of eye inflammation. Some experts estimate that as many as 1 out of 3 Americans have this.

It can cause blurry vision, floaters, red eyes and eye pain and can lead to permanent scarring of the retina. It may spark mild flu-like symptoms and enlarged lymph nodes and can be responsible for disorders like OCD and generalized anxiety. But you can also have it and be asymptomatic.

Toxoplasma gondii really likes the retina but can infect a wide variety of cells so your symptoms may very depending on what part of your body is infected. Just another reason why periodical parasite cleansing is so beneficial!


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