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My international friends turned me on to holisic healing

My journey into holistic wellness began with a cancer diagnosis over a decade ago. I knew nothing about root cause healing at the time and definitely would never have considered healing my cancer naturally. So I went the conventional route... and then I started researching.

Within the first year or two after my treatment, I had a few new friends come into my circle and they were all independent of each other. They all had great knowledge of natural healing modalities and turned me on to some of my favorite doctors, scientists and researchers that I follow today. The one thing they all had in common... they were all from other countries.

You see, outside of the U.S., it's commonplace to treat chronic disease including cancer holistically. It's also more common to eat a healthier diet and be more active, reducing reliance on medication. Many people actually leave the U.S. to get treated for chronic illness because holistic clinics in the U.S. face such persecution and are under constant scrutiny by our alphabet agencies... that are funded by pharma.

So if you are on the fence about treating cancer naturally, ask your international friends how it's treated in their country for some perspective.


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