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Propaganda Exposed

How do you know what you've been taught surrounding health & wellness is legit? Do you know the vast majority of funding for government agencies like the CDC, NIH & FDA isn't with taxpayer dollars but from pharma? Did you know most medical schools are also pharma-funded? Same goes for most mainstream news sources.

When we look to authorities for guidance on issues like cancer, jabs, covid, pesticides, fluoride, aspartame and cannabis... there's a whole other world out there with information quite contrary to the mainstream school of thought. And a host of doctors, scientists and journalists that have been censored and threatened because they're going against standard protocols to drive results for their patients.

The authors of this book released a 9 part series called Propaganda Exposed, viewing is free this week. I highly recommend if your critical thinking cap is telling you that our "medical authorities" seem to defy common sense... or if you want to know what they will never tell you.


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