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Thinking you can't possibly have parasites because you aren't slim is such a misconception

Who thinks they don't have parasites because they aren't super skinny?! I hear this a lot but it's such a misconception! For sure, parasites steal your nutrients which can lead to being underweight. But here's how parasites manifest in most individuals that actually lead to WEIGHT GAIN.....

-Parasites steal your nutrients causing you to overeat.

-Parasites cause sugar & simple carbohydrate cravings (which are the foods that fatten us up).

-Parasites can cause constipation - they release neurotoxins to slow down your bowels so they don't get pushed out. They can also physically block the bile duct and intestinal tract. Some people can have up to 30 pounds of waste in their colon !

-Parasites can induce METABOLIC SYNDROME (particularly obesity & insulin resistance).

-Parasites cause inflammation & bloating through IBS, migration into joints/muscles, activation of allergies and their waste products that are taken up into your bloodstream.

When you parasite cleanse, your body is able to absorb the nutrients from your food . You will naturally shift to craving more nutrient-dense foods and you will be able to regularly clear your bowels. And when you see the size of some of these critters that exit, you will realize how much space they were actually taking up. If you feel like you've tried everything on your weight loss journey, this could be your missing link.


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