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Top Reasons People Think They Don't Have Parasites

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Just because it seems unfathomable doesn't make it untrue. For reals... most peeps have worms. Top reasons people say they don't think they have parasites:

-"I'm a vegetarian." So am I. -"We don't live in a 3rd world country." Samesies. -"I just had a colonoscopy and the doctor didn't mention it." Parasites like to hang out in the small intestine but aren't confined to the gut... they can be in tissues, organs, blood and even the brain! -"I don't have gut issues." 0 problems here. -"My stool sample came back negative." See # 3.

Here's a link to SOME parasite symptoms -

Don't get it twisted! My clean, plant-based fam was passing 3-4 footers the first time on the cleanse. If we can have them....anyone can!

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