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Toxin-free Candle Vibes

Reppin' my honeysuckle beeswax candle from The Farmer's Market!

Why beeswax? Most candles are TOXIC! There are some gross carcinogens and other toxins in your everyday paraffin wax candle.

Benzene (a carcinogen), toluene, acetone, trichlorofluoromethane and carbon disulfide and just a few toxins released in burning wax candles. Breathing in these fumes can cause asthma, damage to lungs, brain and central nervous system and even cause cancer. No thanks!

100% beeswax candles actually REDUCE pollution (instead of create it like wax candles) and neutralize mold, dust and odors. They also burn longer and don't drip - WIN!

Even soy candles typically contain paraffin so don't chance it. Beeswax for the win!


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