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Toxins in tea bags

My holistic bestie Drea got me this awesome tea diffuser for my bday because we both love tea. I put loose leaf tea inside the strainer and pour in the hot water, easy peasy.

Here's why you need this or something similar:

Tea bags (even organic ones) tend to contain microplastics, bleach, glues and other chemicals, all of which leach into your tea once heated. If you want to reap all of the benefits of organic tea, don't counteract it with unnecessary toxins. Some tea bags will claim they are eco-friendly but typically can't confirm they are void of these ingredients.

Green tea is known as the "anti-aging beverage." Okinawans have some of the longest lifespans on earth and consider this drink a daily essential. It also promotes metabolic health and suppresses appetite, reduces atherosclerosis and risk of heart disease and has powerful antioxidants that can kill cancer stems & stop them from growing.


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