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URGENT - Ask your senators to REJECT the RESTRICT ACT

URGENT Action Alert - please call or write your senators & ask them to reject the Restrict Act. The proposed Restrict Act to ban TikTok involves SO MUCH MORE than that... keep reading.

VA - our Senator Mark Warner proposed this bill (shocking, I know ) but if signed into law, it will affect every state. Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News breaks down the ins & outs of the act... here are some excerpts.

"It uses TikTok’s popularity as an excuse to criminalize American-run websites, platforms and blogs that merely disagree with the government regime on literally any topic: Vaccines, Russia, elections, bank runs, currency, transgenderism, climate change and so on. The weaponization potential of the bill is unlimited...

The bill text explicitly states that the government may enforce, “any mitigation measure” against “any person” or “any property” by merely deciding that an article, video, podcast, platform or other content item contains content they don’t like.

This is not a law that targets Chinese communists or TikTok… it’s a law targeting Americans and threatening them with prison time if they say anything the current regime in power doesn’t like.

Those merely deemed in violation of the RESTRICT Act — utterly without any court hearings or opportunity for a legal defense — may have all their assets, properties, computers, websites, servers, bank accounts, databases and other items confiscated at gunpoint by the government, with zero recourse or due process.

Even worse, the act specifically prohibits FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act) from being honored in order to make sure the tyrannical government can keep the list of RESIST Act targets a secret.

While the RESTRICT Act claims to prevent China from spying on Americans, it actually transforms America into communist China by erecting a massive surveillance and censorship police state over all Americans."

Mike has been removed from IG/FB and his website links cannot be shared on those platforms. Click here if you want to read the full article with a comprehensive breakdown of what the Restrict Act entails.


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