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Washing machines are a sneaky source of mold toxicity

Me just trying to kick sneaky mycotoxin's butt! Lol. The washing machine is one of the most common culprits of mold toxicity. I switched from my front-loader because no matter how much I dried it out between washes, mold always found its way under the seal.

Other sneaky sources of mold are

☠ Peanut butter (buy Valencia peanut butter - they are grown on bushes and not the ground to minimize mold) ☠ Coffee ☠ Grains ☠ Dairy ☠ Vents ☠ AC units ☠ Around windows & doors ☠ Fridge, freezer & dishwasher ☠ Bathrooms - check for changes in paint/tiles

Main symptoms of mold toxicity include

👉 Brain fog 👉 Nosebleeds 👉 Chronic sinus infections 👉 Food sensitivities 👉 Rashes 👉 Headaches 👉 Sensitive to smells 👉 Wheezing in chest 👉 Frequent coughs 👉 Horse voice 👉 Insomnia 👉 Ear pain/infections 👉 Tics

Wondering if you could have mold toxicity? Message me for a self assessment or to order mold labs!


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