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What do your eyes say about your health?

They say eyes are the window to the soul...but they are also an indicator of your health. Here's what some common eye issues may indicate:

👉Dark circles indicate parasites & allergies. Since parasites actually create food allergies/sensitivities, the more you eat the allergens, the darker your circles can become.

👉Blurry, unclear vision & eye floaters can also indicate parasites.

👉Puffiness under the eyes indicates poor drainage, particularly in the lymphatic system.

👉Double vision can indicate Lyme disease.

👉Red eyes, dry eyes, depth perception issue & light sensitivity can indicate Bartonella (a Lyme coinfection).

👉Poor night vision can indicate a Vitamin A deficiency.

👉Ruptured blood vessels in eyes can indicate a Vitamin C deficiency.

👉Nearsightedness may indicate a deficiency in D and zinc.

👉Pale lower eyelid could be due to an iron deficiency.

👉Eyelid swelling/twitching may stem from lead toxicity.

👉Whites of eyes (sclera) are blue-tinted could indicate you're low on minerals & electrolytes.

👉Eyes appear bulging or swollen indicates hyperthyroidism.


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