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What to look for when choosing a vitamin/supplement

Most of us take some sort of vitamin/supplement every day... but how do you know what you're taking is working?

These are the top things I look for to ensure I’m getting a quality vitamin/supplement.

💊 Go for organic, or at the very least non-GMO.

💊 No gross fillers like stearates, silicon dioxide or artificial colors.

💊 Make sure it’s a bioavailable form of the product or a form particular for what you’re trying to treat.

💊 Make sure the product/brand is 3rd party tested. Are their claims legit?!

💊 Try to get the supplements/vitamins directly from the manufacturer. If you love Amazon, try to make sure they come from the brand directly and not some shady 3rd party distributor. There are lots of counterfeits on there with fake products, fake expiration dates, etc.

💊Read the dosing amount & make sure it’s adequate.

💊 Be sure to check out my vid on supplement pairings & interactions here… not all vitamins should be taken together and some interact. Some should be taken with food and some work best alone. That's why I'm not a big believer in the multivitamin.

Click here to see some of my favorite brands.



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