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What your urine may say about your health

What color is your pee? Here's what your urine may be saying about your health!

👉🏼 Clear urine is a sign of hydration. It's ok if your urine is super clear every now and then, but if it's consistently clear it could be a sign of overhydration and you could be running low on electrolytes. Ideally it should have a slight yellow tint.

👉🏼 Yellow pee is the color of normal pee, and the pigment is determinant upon how much urochrome you have, which is produced when the body breaks down hemoglobin. An abundance of B vitamins can also cause that deep yellow color.

👉🏼 Orange pee can indicate dehydration, infection, liver issues and jaundice. Some supplements and medications may cause orange pee as well.

👉🏼 Brown pee is an indicator of dehydration or excessive bile buildup which is indicative of liver issues. Some medications can also cause brown pee.

👉🏼 Cloudy urine can be a sign of a UTI, especially if it's accompanied by a foul smell. It can indicate kidney or prostate issues, STD's, diabetes or even heart disease.

👉🏼 Red or pink pee can be caused by food with deep pigments like beets or even blueberries. But if you have red pee without eating these deeply pigmented foods, it could indicate issues with your kidney, bladder or prostate.

👉🏼 Blue or green urine is usually caused by food colorings and dyes.

If you don't have normal pee, let's chat about how to get you there!


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