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Why I consume mushrooms every day

To say mushrooms are a superfood is an understatement. They are virtually linked to improving every chronic disease, but get lots of attention for these benefits...

Cancer fighting

Immune boosting

Brain focus

Heart health

Stress management

Better sleep

Blood sugar regulation

More energy


Repairs damaged nerve cells

Helps anxiety

You don't have to love mushrooms to get all of their benefits. I consume mushrooms every day, but not always in traditional ways. There are mushrooms in my collagen drink and my preworkout (which both taste AMAZING and you would never know shrooms were in there). I use dehydrated mushrooms on salads, bowls & other dishes. I drink mushroom coffee or make a mushroom latte with mushroom powder, cinnamon & stevia or put the powder in my smoothie. Sometimes I go old school and just take a supplement.

I look for organic mushrooms grown on wood, not oats or rice like most are (gluten-free vibes). Opt for "fruiting bodies" vs "mycelium" to avoid this.


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