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Why I drink green tea every day...

Reasons why I drink green tea every day:

-Green tea is known as the "anti-aging beverage." Okinawans have some of the longest lifespans on earth and consider this drink a daily essential.

-Green tea's compound EGCG promotes metabolic health and aids in suppressing appetite.

It helps normalize blood sugar levels which helps prevent diabetes and insulin resistance.

-Green tea reduces atherosclerosis and risk of heart disease - it contains 10 beta-blocking compounds, seven calcium channel blockers, 16 diuretic compounds and is rich in ACE-inhibiting properties.

-Green tea's antioxidants kill cancer cells and stop them from growing.

-Green tea's flavonoid epicatechin protects the brain cells from free radical damage. This helps improve memory and reduce risk of Alzheimer's.

-The L-theanine contained in green tea calms the nervous system and helps you make dopamine which boosts mood.

-Green tea's antimicrobial effects help kill parasites, viruses, bacteria & mold.

-It promotes bone and eye health.

Yes, I drink this huge cup on the daily with some lemon & stevia. Who's with me?!


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