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Why I Won't Get a Mammogram

I got my first "reminder" to get a mammogram now that I'm 40. Here's why I'm gonna do a hard pass on that and go for a thermogram instead.

-Mammograms emit LOTS of radiation.... which causes cancer. -Mammograms are known to produce "false positives"... causing you to have additional and unnecessary mammograms & biopsies. -Mammograms don't detect lumps until they're about 5-8 years old. -Studies have shown mammograms to be as effective as a self breast exam. -Thermograms don't emit radiation. -Thermograms provide early detection and are much more accurate. -Thermograms don't have uncomfortable compression like mammograms.

Recap: Thermograms are more effective, comfortable and don't emit harmful radiation. And there are local places that offer this.


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