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Why you should scrape your tongue

Scrape your tongue before you brush! Otherwise you're mashing the ickies into your tongue Get them out!

Your oral microbiome is a reflection as to what's happening in the rest of your body. And your mouth is the second largest microbial community in your body, after your gut. Your mouth's microbes assist with many processes like digestion, metabolism and blood pressure regulation. That's why you need to make sure your oral care regimen is on point, and that your products are clean, non-toxic biofilm disruptors that support detox efforts and don't kill your good oral bacteria along with the bad (like hydrogen peroxide & alcohol). And ideally they come in glass.

I haven't been to the dentist in years and actually get complimented on my teeth all the time! I am very diligent about using remineralizing toothpaste twice a day, using charcoal floss most nights, coconut oil pulling at least weekly (natural tooth whitener) and use probiotic mouthwash and a dental scaler when I want to go crazy. I generally use an electric toothbrush & even have my own professional dental cleaning kit I use quarterly, but also love a good bamboo toothbrush.

Some brands I really vibe are Akamai Basics, Boka, Dentalcidin and Riven. They may be pricier than what you're used to but def worth it to keep those whites pearly & body happy.


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