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Your pillow could be full of dust mites

If your pillow is more than 2 years old, over 30% of its weight could be made up of dead mites & mite feces.

Mites are an ectoparasite that feed on dead skin and dander, which make your pillows, blankets and mattresses a perfect place to nest. There are likely millions of microscopic mites on your bed right now.

If you constantly wake up with acne, sinus issues, chapped lips, swollen eyes, itchy skin or stuffy nose, you could be struggling with dust mites. Plus mites can transmit other pathogens so don't you want to provide a habitat where they thrive.

To demite your pillows, freeze them for 24 hours to kill live mites. Then wash them using anti-allergen laundry detergent and essential oils like lavender & eucalyptus that will kill dust mites and their larvae. They are resilient to washing which is why freezing is an important step.

Consider using dust mite proof protective covers on your mattresses and pillows and change your pillows out annually - there are actually dust mite proof pillows out there.

We spend a third of our life asleep so we want to get this right.


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