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Allergies are a sign of parasites, heavy metals & infections

Allergies are a sign that your body is overburdened with:

-Toxins -Parasites -Infections -Heavy Metals

Your immune system signals a response in your blood to get ready to fight off what it feels is a dangerous substance/pathogen (parasites, heavy metals, viruses). This is what causes immune responses like inflammation, watery eyes or sneezing.

Your immune system also creates antibodies to remember that specific invader. It remembers the specific sequence of proteins that made up that intruder.

When parasites/viruses/heavy metals enter your body, your immune system creates antibodies specific to the protein signature of the parasite, heavy metal or virus.

Unfortunately, there are some plants and other substances that have almost the exact same molecular structure. While your body is battling the parasite, the other harmless substance that looks like proteins in the parasite can be perceived as a threat.

That's why cleansing heavy metals and parasites can have a huge impact on dissipating allergies.


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