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Autoimmune disease or parasite?

What if your autoimmune condition was caused by a parasite? Did you know Lyme disease presents the same symptoms as diseases we’ve been told to accept as a natural part of aging?

Tests for Lyme often produce false negatives because of the bacteria’s ability to prevent the body from producing antibodies (which is what most tests look for). The bacteria also hide in your cells making them often undetected through a blood test. Because of that, Lyme disease triggers autoimmunity and is often misdiagnosed and/or triggers the following..

• Autoimmune diseases, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Fibromyalgia • Multiple sclerosis • Thyroid disease • Polymyalgia rheumatica • Psychiatric disorders

Parasites cling to heavy metals in the body for protection and can be difficult to expel on the standard American diet. A comprehensive parasite cleanse can help your body over time rid itself of unwanted pathogens. Anyone can benefit from a parasite cleanse, and you may have more (and bigger) parasites than you realize. Not all cleanses are created equal and you need a one that is laser focused on cleaning one organ system as a time.

CellCore Biosciences has developed a natural, organic protocol to rid the body of parasites, heavy metals, mold, glyphosate, yeast, bacteria and viral toxicities. Their protocol methodically cleanses the gut, liver and bile ducts, lymphatic system, organs/tissues and cells in that order.

If you struggle from an autoimmune condition or have other health issues that you can’t seem to overcome, you may have parasites and heavy metals that modern medicine often doesn’t detect or treat. Message me for a self assessment quiz so you can see if you may be at risk for a parasite infection.


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