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Dangers of weight loss injectables & natural alternatives

If you want to lose weight and keep it out without worrying about side effects (long or short term), you should address these top four root causes of weight loss resistance to compliment your clean eating and exercise routine.

1- Parasitic infection - It’s a total misconception to think parasites only cause weight loss. Parasites hijack your nutrients, cause you to overeat & cause cravings for sugar and carbs. They can also induce metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Many people actually lose weight after parasite cleansing because they’re able to absorb their nutrients, subsequently eat less and can control their cravings.

2- Heavy metal toxicity - Heavy metals are stored in fat, increase fat production in our cells and cause insulin resistance. They are also very disruptive to the thyroid, leading to an underactive thyroid and slower metabolism. They also influence our hormones that control weight, like leptin, cortisol and estrogen.

3- High toxic burden - Other toxins like glyphosate, mold, microplastics, and other chemicals in your drinking water, processed food, toiletries, cleaning products and clothing contain endocrine disruptors that get stored in fat and will hinder your weight loss efforts.

4- Nutrient deficiencies - You may be deficient in key nutrients needed to maintain a healthy weight and metabolism like magnesium, potassium and selenium. A hair test is the best way to find out!

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