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Dr. Lee Merritt on Parasites, Cancer & Autoimmune Disease

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Check out Dr. Lee Merritt's vid called Parasites - A New Paradigm on Bitchute. She's a part of America's Frontline Doctors which is a group that gained notoriety for speaking out against covid mandates. While her training was in allopathic medicine, her exposure to alternative views from the docs involved in the medical freedom movement took her down the parasite rabbit hole.

In her video, she explains.. -How she believes parasites are likely at the root cause of disease, including cancer. -Why antiparasitics work for autoimmune conditions, -How metastatic cancer could be misdiagnosed parasites, -How parasite eggs can encyst and look like cancer in digital imaging, -How cancer and parasites look identical under a microscope.

Fascinating info if you're ready to make a "paradigm shift" as she calls it from the modern medical perspective. It's certainly in line with my perspective and why parasite cleansing is a priority for my family.

Click here to watch the vid. Click here to learn more about parasite cleansing. Click here to learn more about detox support tools and be sure to check out my holistic must-haves. Let me know what you think!

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How do I order this protocol??

Odpowiada osobie:

Hi, I would be happy to help! I have lots of info on parasite cleansing you may find helpful posted here :) -

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