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EMF's & Insomnia

How many peeps sleep with their phone right next to them?! I unplug my router every night & put my phone on airplane mode. I sleep with it several feet away. If you struggle with insomnia, give that a try.

The World Health Organization has classified EMF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen... which is the same as smoking. Fifth-Generation cell phones can emit up to 80 GHz. We love our modern day conveniences so a lot of people don't want to go down this rabbit hole. Ignorance is bliss and I totally get that. But there are ways you can enjoy some of these conveniences while minimizing their impact on your health.

Cell phones, cell phone towers, tablets, computers, WiFi routers, 5G wireless, bluetooth devices, microwaves, smart meters, power lines and appliances emit electromagnetic radiation. The frequencies that come from EMFs disrupt the electromagnetic field inside your body and can cause a host of health issues.

Side effects from EMF exposure range from headaches, memory issues, insomnia, anxiety, infertility & hormone changes. Studies with lab rats have shown EMF's to cause tumors, DNA damage and cancer.

Some of my fave EMF protection products are from Therasage. Click here to check them out!

Great post by Dr. Kate Masterson, DC!


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