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Toxins in Halloween Candy

The spookiest part of Halloween is all of the creepy ingredients in the candy. Sugar is bad enough, it's what causes our insulin to spike and to literally lock the fat into our cells. But today's candy extends way beyond that... it's so toxic that many of the ingredients have been banned in 3rd world countries.

Check out these common toxic candy ingredients....

☠ Food Coloring - Made from petroleum which is carcinogenic.

☠ Red #3 - Banned from cosmetics because it's carcinogenic but can still be found in food. 🙄

☠ Red #40 & Yellow #6 - Require warning labels in Europe because of their link to hyperactivity.

☠ Blue #1 - Linked to kidney tumors, asthma & brain 🧠 neurotoxicity.

☠ Blue #2 - Linked to hyperactivity, chromosomal damage & brain/bladder tumors.

☠ Green #3 - Linked to bladder & testes tumors.

☠ Titanium Dioxide - Genotoxic (damages DNA)

☠ High Fructose Corn Syrup - Linked to weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol & mercury toxicity (yes, high levels of mercury are found in products with high fructose corn syrup!).

☠ GMO's - Usually contain carcinogenic herbicide Roundup.

Just a little something to keep in mind when the kiddies bring home like a million bags of skittles. Brands like YumEarth, Justin's, Black Forest and Annie's have awesome organic Halloween treats. 🧡


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