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Why Parasite Cleanse Around the Full Moon?

Do you feel a little off during the full moon? The full moon has been linked to an increase in ER visits, car accidents, migraines, insomnia, alcoholism, menstrual cycles, sexual activity, births and even criminal activity. It could be because your neurotransmitters melatonin and serotonin are off the days before & after the full moon each month!

Melatonin is your neurotransmitter responsible for immunity and sleep . This naturally decreases around the full moon and can cause insomnia, lowered immunity and allow for increased parasitic activity .

Serotonin is your "feel-good" neurotransmitter and naturally increases around the full moon. A sudden spike in these hormones can cause the opposite effect - anxiety & depression . Parasites also love these hormones and will become more active in attempts to hijack them .

That's why the full moon is the perfect time to attack parasites - when they're most active. If you notice a difference in your mood around the full moon it could be due to parasitic activity. If you're unsure of any changes around the full moon, pay attention this week - the full moon is May 26.

CellCore Biosciences full moon parasite cleanse kits were sold out for two weeks this month so don't put it off, order your kit now! The next full moon is June 24th.


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