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Why you need an oxygen supplement

So I had a baby mountain on my cheek for a month that wasn't going away with my normal remedies. Then I remembered to use Hydroxygen and it was totally flat in two days. That's because oxygen is incredibly healing and when combined with hydrogen (hence the name Hydroxygen) it's even more beneficial. Oxygen is not a supplement we would think of taking because we breathe air all day long but consuming it has amazing healing qualities.

-You can consume Hydroxygen orally to fight disease, infection, headaches, migraines or any other type of inflammation. -You can apply it topically to acne, wounds, bug bites and other abrasions - it kicks Neosporin's booty. -You can nebulize it to combat brain, neurological and respiratory issues.

Athletes have used it to speed up their recovery process. Same with burn and accident victims. People have reversed asthma and even gone off oxygen tanks after prolonged use of this product!

If you're in the market for a master healing supplement, you'll get your money's worth with Hydroxygen. Click Hydroxygen button in bio link for more deets!


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