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Dr. Thomas Lodi & Dr. Edward Group on parasites & cancer

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Powerful interviews with Dr. Thomas Lodi & Dr. Edward Group on how cancer along with every other chronic disease has a parasitic component, and how addressing parasites is critical to reversing chronic disease.

Countries all over the world parasite cleanse regularly and most pale in comparison to us in regards to chronic disease. Parasite cleansing has so many benefits like improving digestive issues, fighting viruses, improving cholesterol, weight loss, combating sleep issues, healing anxiety and mood disorders and potentially even fighting cancer. #Parasitecleansing is one of the smartest things you can add into your wellness regimen.

Click here to learn more about parasite cleansing. Thanks to Ty & Charlene Bollinger for this clip from Remedy - viewing is free this week if you want to tune in.


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