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How birth control can lead to candida overgrowth

The synthetic estrogen in birth control could be contributing to candida (yeast) overgrowth & other infections. Here's how:

Estrogen and candida bind to each other.. and high levels of estrogen promote candida infection. In fact... the probability of a woman getting a yeast infection during her first year of birth control use goes up by about 25%. IUDs/vaginal rings increase the amount of candida present in the area by 4x the amount before insertion. Candida then forms biofilm around the IUDs/vaginal rings during treatment making it harder to get rid of.

Birth control doesn't just affect candida overgrowth in the reproductive organs... it can lead to oral candida & increased plaque on teeth as well.

The impact candida has on our pH, hormones and vaginal flora can create fertility challenges, increase the contraction of STD's, thin brain tissue & decrease serotonin, our "feel-good" neurotransmitter. Did you know depression is the #1 reason why women stop taking birth control?

If you're in a position where taking birth control isn't optional, you may want to consider regular candida detox. Click Candida Support Kit in bio link to learn more!


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